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Big June

-A Voice Declaring:
“Big JUNE!” the rise of the anti-Christ, unto the first resurrection saints on the map 05/02/2011 (see 1970, Elvis Presley, invasions on American soil)

A Voice Declaring: “May Trials,” the fall of peace and safety continually on the map 03/04/2010

A Voice Declaring: May trials, the number 17, 05/11/2011, my 17th prophecy link of 1998 was a dream about war on American soil, an enemy of Arab descent, A Voice declaring: “”Warsaw,” (see Sept 11th attacks, Warsaw Poland)

A Voice Declaring: “Number 17 and 18, 05/27/2011, my 18th prophecy link 1998 was a dream about war on American Soil, an enemy of Asian descent, an Asian invasion,

Seen to be seeing war on American soil, A Voice Declaring: “Epidemic,” my nineteenth prophecy link, 09/21/1998 (see outbreak, even outbreaks of wars).

And There Was Silence In Heaven 05/27/2011

Silence: Arise Sioux Noel Deburk,

-“No my question is how do you get used to eating out?” “I miss moms cooking so much, and just sitting down to a table with family, hello, we’re family, you know what I mean.” “All of us Medicine feel that way when first we come, yeah it’s called, home sick, it gets better, but I’m afraid it never completely goes away.” “So Sioux what’s with the silent treatment?” “What are you talking about?” “With much concern big brother you’ve been in your own little world, ---you said something Medicine when we were at the airport, we were discussing a failed prophecy namely December 10th 2010 and you was telling us it wasn’t failed at all.” “It came from Holy Spirits, even the Holies of Holies they’ve given me recently, how could it Sioux fail?” “We Sioux, all of us know whatever you, or Maaseiah through you tell us it isn’t just the imagination of your mind but its truth, spirit and thus this holiness of the Lord Father.” “Maaseiah described it as the end of nation building, that December 18th 2010 could mark the end of the kingdoms of men and thus nothing on this earth and beyond would ever be the same.” “Well Sioux you can’t forget this was off of a dwindling timetable of already unimaginable natural disasters given to her in 2001, whereas a complete end would be realized for the free world only eight years in, meaning 2009, so December 18th 2010 was overdue.” “Then as Medicine here pointed out the highly anticipated winter solstice eclipse of the Mayan prophecy happen only three days later, bringing on its heel even more cataclysmic natural disasters, yeah with a Big June pending, ---excuse me, no, us?”

The Intermission: The Human Herd

-I looked in a dream 08/12/2005 whereas I witness a massive evacuation herding American refugees by the hundreds of thousands along both sides of my home. Clearly I saw strangers, siblings and old acquaintances all being cattle along both sides of my house into the back of my house which is in itself strange, as my back yard is well fenced in.

-The right side of my house points east, the left side west, the front north, thus those being evacuated by the thousands were migrating from all points of interest South/East. In the direction most specialist and non-specialist say Americans most urgent exodus will take, toward a clearly barricaded extreme south.

-You ask what does it all mean? The end, the end of the world, or the free world as we’ve known it. The end not only because of abominable practices targeted by God’s wrath but because all earthly nations must decrease as the great day of Jesus Christ one thousand year reign hath come.

Silence: Standing Apache Arrow:

“On December 31st you guys, a few months after I was to forewarn of pending disasters surrounding tornados, with a rare New Year eve’s outbreak I heard a voice say six more months." "Of course we all know six months from December 31st, or the 18th is of course the 6th month, June." "I was waking from my sleep the other night, I’d only a couple months prior forewarn people about monster snow storms, rain/hail storms unto tornado and tornatic storms that were coming, of being separate from and lost of loved ones." "This particular morning I heard a voice say and I quote “A Big June, this is the same voice who’d a year before given me a word about May trials, just before the worse April and May of 2010 on record.” “Just prior to the worse year for natural disasters on record and now just prior to the six month time table, prophecy a voice declaring big June.” “Plainly you guys, with some of the worse natural disasters on record, with record breaking death tolls, what could a big June mean?” “Then a few days later a re-insurgence of May trials (tribulations) with the number 17 and a few days later still something even more remarkable, I saw a hand write ‘because of 1998, my prophecy link 17, 18, and 19 date back to 1998, (war on American soil, Arab/Asian invasions, epidemics), remember whatever didn’t happen December 18th (the end of nation building), was being reset so the speak for that following June of 2011.”

Intermission: With Celebrities Pulling Up The RearSilence: Marked Tree Hill

-“Right before the Japan quake I looked into a dream, one was about the Obama administration and something about Clinton being targeted, of course in the dream it was former President Clinton, when later I remember there is now a Clinton residing in the Whitehouse Hillary Clinton.” “There was again this, and this silly dream where you Apache was riding a bike, as so was there something about a paper route, when on the bike, at the handle bars was this soaring to the sky manner of funeral reef." "Of course like Sioux just described so much has happen since Feb. 18th 2011, I doubt we have to contemplate what this funeral reef represent, as so the bike riding." "Though it was confusing at the time, but now that Clinton has her invasion of Libya, and Bin Laden death I'm sure many Muslims want her dead, even America." "So Sioux what is the number 17?" "When I looked at our spiritual leader in the late nineties and I forewarn him how very soon America would be in wars, an enemy of Arab descent and immediately he thought I was crazy." "This was because of various nights I’d had dreams about war on American soil, one enemy Arab, one enemy, actually an invasion, was Asian, as so there was the word ‘Warsaw." "If you Apache remember correctly I never gave much thought to the two part word Warsaw, not until recently, its relationship to the cold war, Poland, and how eighty percent of it was destroyed." "That remind me Sioux, I’ve had mounting dreams lately about the white house, about the glory thereof being replaced by something even more glorious, and about a death toll totaling 15%, fifteenth percent of America’s population would be around 45 million people, I don’t know you guys, I just don’t know." "We know Saber tooth sadly, but regardless we know how in these end times millions of people will die." "Millions will perish when God judge Mystery Babylon alone, this shouldn’t be a surprise, it’s why all human being should be in Christ Jesus, that like Him, though they be dead, yet by his blood sacrifice shall they live." "No, death isn’t the anomaly here, Hell is, what is man, how foolish?" "That he would my brother's in Christ because of his stubborn unbelief wake up in hell?" “Wait a minute Marked tree doesn’t God through one of the prophets of old ask a question like that, wherein shall you die, or something like that?”

Intermission: The Death Angel, A Sharp Syringe

-In this dream of 03/27/2009, I witness how myriads in the country were sitting anxiously in front of their TV sets awaiting and participating good to horrible news. I always imagined it was like a scene similar to the Cuban Missile crisis and the entire country, make that the world nervously anticipating a war between America and Russia. Although just as soon as the worse news broke -I saw readied, alert and now fleeing for their lives, for their children lives of stampeding Americans. I saw those slacking behind were come upon by a death angel in the land who laid them back as to jammed a sharp, painful very large syringe into their chest, their heart. I saw how after this deadly execution how they end up as nothing but a brown paper Mache of a memorabilia to be hung on the refrigerator, beware.

Silence: Wounded Knee, Saber Tooth:

-“As recently as three months ago March, I looked in this dream whereas I witnessed the first lady Obama walking down Dunlap street, (done lapsed street.)"I remember standing in the door with you guys all around as we were all trying to get a look at the first lady of the united states walking down our street until the local authorities for safety reasons picked her up." “I went on you guys to have dreams about this most Special Couple of all like Jesus and the Church bride and they where taking precedence over the residing presidential couple (the Obamas).” “Then there was this time last year, there was something about a vicious, deadly, even demonic manner of resistance, about bomb threats, explosions and being taken captive, here on American soil.” “Did you say fifteen percent of America’s population is 45 million?" "You Sioux predicted long ago how the initial attack on her would instantly cause some 50 million people their lives.” “I know what has happen in this nation and the world the last couple of years in ways of natural disasters has been unthinkable, and for the first time in a long time this morning I broke down and cried.” “I mean immediately when I did I thought about the silence in heaven, Maaseiah’s Apache and John’s, how it’s going to be so horrific here it’s going to even devastate heaven.”

-“Although Saber at the same time people are going to be blaming heaven, thus how do they differ the love of God and the wrath of God?” “Is that Marked Tree a legitimate question?” “Yeah, I think it is, well in all reality they don’t differ, they’re both a result of the grace of God, one to save mankind from himself, second to same mankind from evil, from Satanic/Demonic and Religious rule.” “Herein emptying the planet of all resistance that God’s Kingdom will then reign anew, no blessed is our Lord Father on high, but gravely to be avoided is his terrible wrath." "This is Jesus admonishing us to watch and pray always, that we may be found worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man." “I further believe again this is the Apostle Paul’s forewarning, reminding us how the Supreme One isn’t mocked, how so many people count the Supreme unending pause as slackness and even a weakness on the part of his mercy, but you’re to be caught in snares unthinkable if you don’t as well remember His judgment to wrath that will claim millions in this nation and around the world.”

Intermission: Escape!

Seen to be seeing readied, alert and now fleeing for their lives, for their children lives stampeding people on the map. Seen to be seeing those left behind getting a sharp, painful very large syringe to the chest, the heart, ending up nothing but a brown paper Mache on the refrigerator, beware 03/27/2009?

Silence: Lion Wolf Paw:

“So Medicine, to answer your question I’ve been this quiet as I’m to wrap both this mind of God, and especially this heart of God around the fact thousands are dead world wide because of disastrous events that will all pale in comparison to what’s right over the horizon.” “I believe it’s what described by some as an extinction Level Event, even the fulfillment of the sixth seal, but what’s to cause it, and how do you convince people it’s that ominous gnawing at the door, even the windows at this very moment that they just can’t put their finger on.” “All I know is just the reality of it make the exodus out of this country Maasieah has been seeing for the last two decades make more sense. Though will this exodus happen before 15% of this nation or this world’s population is dead, and how do you forewarn them.”

-“Though you Sioux know this isn’t about warning them, they’ve been warn for ancient of days, it’s about convincing them, and you already know these people have no reason whatsoever to believe us, any of us, yeah why should they believe our report?” “What if they didn’t have to believe us, what if they simply believe the word of God?” “You Sioux or Maaseiah are not on your own with this prediction, it has been predicted for the last, what?” “Three thousand years more or less, you and Maaseiah are simply trying to convince people the time of fulfillment regarding lets say the six and seventh seal, through to the seven trumpets and vials is unto fulfillment, right now, as we speak.” “I don’t know Apache, yes Sioux you do, and that is why you’ve been walking around here dead silent, something inconceivably cataclysmic as the destruction of mystery Babylon as recorded in revelation 18th chapter is about to happen as soon as a month from now.” “ Now you are dumbfounded at the very thought not of this staggering death toll but at the thought millions of people are going to be caught in beyond belief snares unnecessarily, that my brother dear is what’s immensely bugging you.”

Intermission: I Will Laugh When Your Fear Cometh 05/04/2011

-I looked into a dream a week ago, in the dream I saw wrapped around the building lines at a local Easy Way, I remember being with my grandchildren, that when I saw one person in particular. This persistent unbeliever I started laughing, that all through the store I found the whole thing hilarious. Of course this dream isn't so much about this store, but the Easy way, the narrow way that Jesus spoke of that few would follow. This line was wrapped around the building and more because people are afraid, and are now searching after that supposedly good for them gospel of Jesus Christ. This is again why an Easy way store is displayed, that though few heed this truth, though like God’s form of righteousness, especially fruits and vegetables are good for you, for your longevity.

-Now the reason I found so much laughter here, first it wasn't me, but the Supreme Father being represented through me, you see most of these people were in this Easy way line (the narrow way, Jesus), not because of the sincerity of their heart, but because of their fear, that to save their lives. This is what the laughter, the mockery was about, how God promised to mock the unbeliever, to mocked those who've done nothing but mock his form of righteousness, how he's to again laugh when their fear cometh. This is what this long line was about, fear, not faith, very few of those represented here had actually apologized to God with sincere gratitude. Few had asked for forgiveness, even that they'd been deceived, that they were again sorry, forgive us Lord Jesus and reign in our hearts and minds accordingly.

Silence: Cheyenne Water Fall:

--“The prophets of old, to Jesus Christ, to the Apostles/Revelations of Jesus Christ, they gave mankind these astonishing warnings first and here at present the many days prophesied of Daniel that had to be fulfilled before these end time, before the antichrist reign, hello, we are it and every prophecy they’ve given you and Maaseiah for the last twenty-five years is proof positive.” “So, what is Big June?” “I know this is going to surprise you, but I never thought about it Medicine until you just asked, how big June for Maaseiah would be like or in comparison to Jacob’s trouble.” “Well you know great tribulation is based on Jacob’s troubles as he had to live with the alleged by his deceiving sons the horrid, horrid lost of his baby son Joshua being devoured to death by wild lions, well with Maaseiah she horridly lost a brother, a brother named Abraham, (see Father Abraham) but you guys nick named Big June, he’s been dead for years but she haven’t even to this point been able to live with it.” “So Maaseiah’s Big June is Jacob’s trouble, it’s then greater tribulation, it is as well the silence in heaven.” “The Supreme being long suffering toward us-ward not willing that any perish, how in the world will he be able to stand the horrid, horrid lost of millions of human beings?” “ I believe the silence there is his looking down upon millions in this nation and this world being overcome by the E.L.E. being described behind both the sixth seal and the fall of Mystery Babylon who Maasieah is convinced is the entire developed, political/religious world.” “That Sioux would explain why just recently she was told how very soon the church could be in heaven looking down upon the earth, praying for the tribulation saints as the anti-Christ is given power to overcome them.” “So you Sioux have no doubt Big June will have the potential to be a literal extinction event, I mean we know mankind won’t go extinct, with millions ascending to heaven, but we also know once God’s wrath is poured out on this earth it will in no wise be anything as it is in present day, with millions, even a billion dead, that it’s going to take a creative God almost like in the beginning of Genesis, to make it all livable again.” “Saving mankind from himself, then saving mankind from the wickedness of this world, I can’t shake that.” “Just remember Apache, mankind fight this never ending, never victorious battle against flesh and blood perishing his fellow man unnecessarily, what a heinous delusion. Truly when the real, true eternal victorious war is the Spiritual battle Only Christ and his anointed can win, as by His bloody cross have won, as they’re called, chosen and faithful, reigning with this Holy Lord forever.

Intermission: For The Time Is At Hand

-“This is how the Holy Spirit explained it to me only moments ago, how when the prophet Daniel was shown, taught and forewarn of end-time events, it was then told him, to seal the book. To as well close up these extraordinary events as the fulfillment of said things wouldn’t be for many days, it’s been about 2,500 hundred years., a time, times and a half, how knowledge would increase. Now when the Apostle John the beloved was shown, taught and forewarn of end-time events, the revelations of Jesus Christ some 500 years after the prophet Daniel he was instead told to open the book, for the time was at hand. Now we’ve always taken this statement to mean, the time of fulfillment was at hand but we know this wasn’t factual as 2000 years plus has expired and the final week of years regarding the fulfillment of all prophecy yet remain.

-Thus Jesus was in all comparison describing how the time of reveal, or revelation was actually at hand, that everyone who read the revelations of Jesus Christ would no longer walk in darkness but would have the light of life, revelation and eternity. Now when this end-time apostle, ie. Apostle Bradford was shown, taught and forewarn of end-time events she was then told (Gabriel May, 2004) how its fulfillment was now at hand. Henceforth Daniel was shown and told to conceal, John the beloved was shown and told to reveal, this end-time apostle they call me was shown and told to fulfill. This is why this month of June is so tremendously important, this month of June will be the 7000th anniversary of Noah’s flood. It will as well be the 2000th year plus of the prophet Isaiah crying aloud, sparing not, how the righteous is to be taken out (the great gathering of saints) of the evil to come.

-It will be the 25th anniversary of Jesus appearing into the heavens to me, telling me three times to come, it will be the 18th anniversary of the prophet Ezekiel seven years later opening three doors in heaven to me, showing me especially the preparation of the end-time laborers. Those unto the end-time harvest, that crying aloud just recently, thrust in thy sickle (God’s Wrath) and reap.” It will in term be the 9th year and 6 month anniversary of the intrepid dreams whereas world nations were given 15.10 years to by Jesus Christ Cross make an end of sin, repent, reconcile. Will it as well be the seventh anniversary of the various dreams and visitations to heaven given me regarding the great gathering of saints.

Silence: Medicine Bow Sign

-“We’re Sioux our loving big brother still waiting, what is Big June?” “If it’s to be the great catastrophe which is to exodus the whole of America, even parts of England, Europe, it’s possibly the fulfillment of the sixth seal. “Described behind the sixth seal is an earthquake powerful enough to uproot the whole planet, as so pull meteors from the heavens, to block out the sun and the moon.” “Now when you begin to question how an earthquake can reach around the planet, and even into the stellar heavens you begin to think this is more than an earthquake, perhaps a super earthquake.” “Thus I jumped on the communicator and I begin researching super earthquakes, only you can’t research super earthquakes without super volcanoes becoming your main search.” “A Super Volcano, ok, what is that?” “A super volcano has the potential to in hours do everything that is being described behind the sixth seal and more, it’s like this super earthquake and super exploding Volcano in one.” “You see you guys up until a few days ago I knew as much about super Volcanoes as you, which was nothing, and never had I considered what was being described behind the sixth seal was a cataclysmic performance of them both.” “Though once you begin to research one and the potential that it too can be an extinction level event then the foggy mirror begin to get a bit clearer.” “A Super Volcano eruption with the help of super earthquakes can have the overall power to greatly decimate human life, planet life and animal life from this planet, it can in hours kill millions of human beings and displace millions, upon millions of more.” “We all know through our studies what ever is to destroy the modern world, mystery Babylon as we’ve known it, a super earthquake, a super-volcano, a super nova, a super asteroid, or even a supersized nuclear attack it will have the potential to destroy in hours what has taken mankind hundreds of years to build.” “There are some scientist who believe a super volcano is twice more likely to happen than an asteroid or a meteor shower, though we know according to biblical prophecy, those are to happen as well.” “So you been this quiet as you’ve been giving all this a whirl through that prophetic head of yours, well Lion Paw in these most pressing times of mankind we’re suppose to remember what the Christ said to the disciples.” “How he reassured them, how they’d not chosen him, but it is he, this Christ Lord who’d chosen them, it’s not of any power, knowledge or divine intervention of my own. I know these things, as the prophets and Apostles before us only that these things are given to us from the Prince of Peace who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood.”

Intermission: And There Was Silence

-It was Thursday the 26th for the first time through CNN online, did I get to see up close and personal what Joplin Missouri had suffered. Of all the mammoth disasters I’ve seen, especially lately, as there’s been like this worldwide outbreak, I couldn’t sake the amount of crushed, twisted and snarled automobiles, it seem as though there where hundreds, even thousands of mangled automobiles. I remember Anderson Cooper declaring how he remember one word or one thing in particular, how the surviving residence all discussed how silent everything and everyone was all around. Although I’d seen much of this unthinkable disaster unfold while watching the weather channel this was the first time I’d actually viewed various testimonies of family members regarding either the temporary or permanent lost of loved ones, especially children.

-I cried, I broke down rather immensely and I cried, you see the saddest thing of all isn’t that this dreadfulness happen, this is a horrible place we pretend is a happy home away from home (Heaven), though the fact so many people where caught unaware. Those of you who read behind this apostle and though many of you won’t admit it, before it happen to you, or us, it happens in my dreams and visions and visitations to heavens. As well do you know I waste no time bringing, these forewarnings right to you, remember one of many the forewarnings I gave the end of last year how Holy Spirits forewarn how you wasn’t to let the sunshine fool you (see 17/7, Noah’s Flood). At any rate taking from this master disaster this single word silence, and an event tearing my heart straight out I was soon reminded of the silence in heaven.

-This single stillness the Apostle John describes experiencing behind the seventh seal, this gripping hush he described as lasting the space of half an hour. Without frankly relating the two, I myself experienced an alike silence in heaven, I was in my closet praying, the Holies of Holies had revealed themselves to me in this ways quite remarkably. Though this particular morning there was a very visible, even attentive stillness there and just as soon crying, weeping and wailing. As so again out of all this wailing a voice, the voice of the Holy One of Israel, crying aloud, sparing not how his people were dying, how they were being stripped of everything his Christ had given them, behold he declared further, he would strip their leaders, leaving them in the day they were born.

-There’re biblical scholars who’re to say this silence John testified of possibly regard the paradise of heaven displaying mouth gaping, tongue tying awe at the unparalleled manner of cataclysm performing themselves on this planet, claiming millions upon millions of human lives. All with the holies of holies crying aloud blessed are the dead which die is the Lord, that they might rest from their labors and their works do follow them”. This made speechless then of John the Beloved, that of This Apostle the year of our Lord 1996 and that noted for historical records namely Joplin Missouri, all represent a mind boggling, heart crippling and gripping manner of peace just after and as so before the storm. Before the most catastrophe outbreak of this bringer of death of them all, one that won’t simply see hundreds of thousands dead, but millions dead instantly, with millions of deaths and injuries to follow. An inconceivable desolation to existence on this planet whereas we hear Holy Spirits crying aloud, sparing not, “behind this May trial of 2010, that has claimed thousands where they sit and have their beings, though these selfsame spirits now cry a pending, Big June, 05/02/2011.”

Prophecy Links

A Voice Declaring:
Seem to be glancing out into a beautiful sunny, Sunday morning, see to be hearing a voice declare: "I will bring it all to waste," the fall of mankind kingdoms continually on the map 01/04/2009

Silence: Sioux Noel Deburk

“So discovering all of this has been nothing less than coincidental, I went from researching big June, to researching the sixth seal, to researching super earthquakes, then to super volcanoes and not belong I was clicking on a movie entitled Super Volcano.” Super Volcano 2005 Is this impressive documentary depicting what would happen if Yellowstone Park erupted, ---2005, isn’t that the year you witness masses of people, no American refugees being moved out of the country along both side of your house, South?” “Yes, I’d watched the footage twice Apache before I realized that, but yes, and I like you wondered what a twist of fate.” “This movie is described as a true story that haven’t happen yet, soon I’m sitting in front of the communicator watching this extraordinary scenario unfold not realizing for the life of me this country had the potential to be in such peril directly.” “ After watching the, ---wait a minute, you’re saying Yellowstone is a Super volcano that has the potential to be everything that is described behind the sixth seal, it’s not Cheyenne what I’m saying but what research the last few days has shown me” “I didn’t chose Yellowstone, it chose me, it choose to reveal itself to me and yes it sit like a sleeping giant, beating heart and all with a potential to destroy not only this nation, but this world as we know it.” “It’s possibly why Maasieah has seen so many exodus out of the one nation in this world, described as the greatest country in the world, how Canada, nor Mexico would be safe havens, but to get as far southeast as the Atlantic ocean itself.” “It’s Apache, what about the death rider?” “It’s a climatic judgment of God, this bringer of death, it’s to destroy everything mankind worship as lives, lands and churches, and the earth itself is suppose to open right up and let it have it’s way allowing it to go forth conquering and to conquer.” “Eah, eah, eah”, as one through this annoying sound motioning a time out sign toward them was all of these world disaster scenarios taking their toil. “What the heck is happening, I mean is this for real?” ”Ah come on Lion Paw, no you guys come on, do you know how close our parents live to this place, and do you know you’re predicting not only a few days from now America could be destroyed from the globe.” “No Lion we’re not talking about America’s destruction, but the destruction of the wicked that’s been prophesied for the ancient, a huge part of which is defined under the title, the American Dream, ok, that’s fine and dandy, but hello we’re in France, what you guys is predicting is possibly why we’re in France but mom and dad and others of us are in the US of A.” “We understand that Lion, but the supreme’s hand isn’t short, he know how to both keep and rescue His anointed, right?” “It’s possibly Apache why you made believe a national and world Exodus out of the free world in your fictional work by mega ships on water, everything else would be immobile by large plums of Ash.” “I can’t believe it, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming right, a super volcano, even an ELE?” “Well Lion Wolf it has all the probabilities, and you think that’s big June?” “I don’t know, but what’s Medicine larger than any of the last mega disasters together, and why would the Supreme continue to prolong this thing, why?” “This earth has been sighing and crying and mourning forever, it’s what the 5th seal is all about, whose burning, steeping cries has reached unto the father screaming and bellowing how long O Lord doeth thou not?” “Just ask yourselves, all of you, why would the supreme tarry?” “I can’t say, but recently as I was kneeling to pray I said something to the Supreme Father I never have before, I told him I missed him, and, and I asked him whether or not he missed me, us, the church bride as well, how he must be really anxious to bring us home.” “I’m not Medicine at all surprised, we’re nearer to home, to heaven than ever before, there is this constant jubilee going on, in our very blood aching you know.” “When you think of the prophets of old, even the Maya, even the Egyptians, I mean isn’t this why the Maya abandoned everything because they knew an end hath come and here we are thousands of years later, how do we know Sioux it’s now, that it’s right now?”

Done Lapsed Street:

The importance of Dunlap Street, to be honest mankind's end-time idolatry had peaked, had budded, as so had God's wrath, the emphasis being on end-time. Just imagine if I’m to rewind my life back to the beginning, then the beginning of my life story would begin on Dunlap street. It’s where I died yes, but it also where the Supreme father by Christ’s bloody cross brought me again to life.” “Thus it wasn’t were I was born, but where I was originally reborn, it is where I meet with my own manner of messenger of Satan trying to kill me, (severe head trauma) that would instead be used to buffet me along God’s will for my life, death and resurrection (ascension on the high) and nothing would be the same. No where I was born and raised is only a few miles from where the spouse are buying our first home at present, it’s been fifteen years since we last lived in the area. A few miles from where the locale in which the Intrepid dream making an end time, timetable for nation building by December 18th 2010, unto a complete finality of wicked reign by 2016 was all staged.

-In the year of our Lord 1995, 1996 I looked into a dream whereas the whole of America was in more than an evacuation, though we’ve had our share of those. No in this dream it was all clear what had the masses running for their lives was an exodus, thus as the people all around me where running at panic as so was I. Then when suddenly I ran upon an area familiar to me in my youth, it was Dunlap street and the duplex my family and I lived in, seeing this place I detoured from this all out panic. When instead of running for the front door, I run to the back of the yard, not just to the back of the yard but to a certain place there, it was where a bouquet of the most astonishing pinkish white floral broke out of the earth and rose up to me.

-I remember how this was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, citing the word beautiful, on one side of these amazing flowers was a fold, beautifully embroiled, beige handkerchief and on the other side something dark, not dark in evil, but dark as in mysterious, (like great Is the mystery of godliness). Just as soon as all of this was realized I turn again, found my way again and began again along this or into this obvious exodus. What sprung forth from the earth that day was representative of what’d been sown into the earth of mankind, a readied harvest, a time of sorrow and a time of mystery that had all imploded into this outright run for your life and for the lives of the ones you love. Obviously for the great day of the Supreme’s wrath hath come and who beside the anointed of the Lamb’s blood shall be able to stand?

-Thus looking into a vision only a month or so ago whereas a perilous, seeing confused Lady Obama herself was on Dunlap Street (done lapsed) street simply mean a time of fulfillment regarding this prophecy, the end of America is upon us. That the entirety of this world has been sitting on a virtual time bomb, prophetic no less but one having various names, ranges and extinction potential with power to claim millions, even billions of people instantly. A cataclysmic reduction to rubble of this entire nation and world ushering in the forever reign of the Kingdom of God, where he and His Christ shall administrate forever. There has beyond this truth regarding a calamitous end to nation building never been any hope for mankind other than Christ’s cross, this forever bellowing crying, wailing unendingly aloud remember from whence thou hath fallen (God’s grace) return and do the first works, repent,(Christ Cross) behold this Holy Lord Stand at your hearts door repent while it is yet day, for the night cometh where all are scattered afar and wide to desolation.

Cheyenne Bow Sign:

“So we’re to understand Cataclysms is happening and will continue to happen more so now than ever as God is to bring end time judgment upon the workers of iniquity.” “The workers of iniquity consist of all those unrepentant by Christ’s cross in the Supreme’s sight, there are many people who claim to worship God not realizing this is only possible. “That’s worshipping God according to his form of righteousness is again only possible by Christ Jesus entering into the holy place and offering up not the blood of animals but by his own blood hath he gain redemption for all condemned from birth mankind.” “Though we Cheyenne, we’re not appointed unto his wrath but to the Lord Christ promise that he’s to come and receive us unto himself, that where he is we maybe also. This will then you guys explain the literal intermission recorded right after the most unpronounced performance of God’s wrath ever imagined, this world wide, earth and heaven shattering event again crying aloud for the great day of God’s wrath is come and who shall be able to stand.” “It is here the four winds are pictured being held back by angels and being commissioned to hold themselves back as well, I believe it’s here two separate events are being recorded.” “The sealing of the 144,000, the same window in which the Church bride will be taken out, as so the tribulation saints, an event I believe will transpire some time later, Maasieah think the same window used to gather the two witnesses who’ve been killed by the antichrist. Whose bodies left in the open streets three days, that when they’re risen again to life and heaven, that the tribulation saints will be taken out of the earth as well. Thus Big June could be representative of both of these events, the great gathering of saints, unto a literal ELE that’s to bring an end to the world yes, but especially to the free world, Mystery Babylon, the entire modern/commerce, political, religious world.” “It will in fact be the overall fulfillment of Jesus overthrowing the money changers table, crying aloud sparing not, make not by fathers house a house of merchandise, destroy this temple Saber tooth and for all eternity it shall be rebuilt.”

And Look Up!

I’ve spent many years trying to figure what it all meant, the moment I looked toward the heavens, right into a mid day sun, a midday sun that started to brighten. To as well grow and enhance and marvel and amaze right before my eyes, right there in my presence. Coming closer and closer transforming, metamorphosing and making this astonishing adjustment into a gigantic diamond cut, crystal dove. One a million times the size of a regular dove, it ascended down, out of the heavens to me, that’s come into to me as to kiss me and ascended straightway again into the heavens. Just before this untellable event happen, I was leaving horribly cast down from what was supposed to be a penny-store, a penny store that had been transformed into a fancy grocery, even a restaurant pleasing to the eye, I nor the pennies in my pocket could afford.

-I figure this would be a stage in my life, how I’d lived most of my life at the poverty line, how I live this life at present like so. Though a mightier than all this earth’s wealth, power and overall celebrity, even spirituality, a spontaneous converging rescue was not only come, but had in all heavens reality come. This divine grace, mercy and eternal facilitator, this indescribable for all dispensations to come, and all that’d passed help. An astronomical manner of mercifulness and adoration, even dedication, what an unspeakable partiality so miraculously beyond all things on this planet, this too wonderful for words ascension to heaven (the great gathering of saints), yet was it only a hint of how gloriously unutterable the very paradise of God.

-Only as I write this have I come to accept this larger than heaven and earth event can only represented one thing, because only one things descending down from heaven since Christ’s cross can be this astronomically beyond the universe and earth, the great gathering of Saints. When the Christ Lord himself shall ascend from heaven, with purpose to bring his anointed home to him, that only a diamond, cut, crystal like dove a million times the size of anything mankind is to ever imagined, one designing itself out of the sun of God, as it is the one Sun-life of God. Then it’s indicative of the Christ Lord I saw in the heavens as a form of this event beyond description twenty-five years ago. That just as Holy Spirits encourage my spirit so cast down to simply look up, and although I saw this Holy Lord looking down after me, three times commissioning me to come, at first glance only to realize it years later I saw him, this holy Lord in a glory no man except by God’s grace can draw nigh unto, praise the hallelujah Lord.

Silence: Lion Wolf Paw:

-“So Sioux our brother only one question, what make Big June the one, the one greatest of all?” “Well Saber you can’t forget Big June isn’t the most unthinkable forewarning I’ve gotten, and remember although I belittled it, it was first forewarn of me the last of December as what would follow or all the more promote the end of nation building, resulting in the anti-Christ reign. No two of the most eye opening prophecies was the one whereas I was fore how the antichrist would kill millions, upon millions a millions go broke, as so an alike voice describing how God said he would kill millions. Just you guys remember 2010, the same 2010 given as this nation and world deadline was being described as the worse for natural disasters on record with a quarter of a million people dead.” “With the new year 2011 coming in or opening with one of the largest and deadliest earthquake/Tsunamis on record, could be the two big ones I was told was coming. Now according to Holy Spirits something even more extraordinary was about to happen, the majority of the intrepid dream calendar, like so many other time tables that has been given one or more of us, even Maasieah all you guys expired, even Gabriel’s forewarning is seven years expired. Look the Supreme Christ has already forewarn how like in Noah’s day, it would be in these end days, people refusing to be forewarn, though this didn’t stop this Christ from given this mankind his revelations. So this isn’t so much about making people hear us nor believe us, that’s literally impossible, like always they’re to be forewarn, and be blessed when they read, hear and believe.” “These dreams about us being under attack, the church bride, that’s kind of concerning, concern Cheyenne yes, but just as much a part of end-time prophecy, the church, the more God’s wrath is realized on the earth, the more the believers will be prosecuted and persecuted, Jesus forewarn of this, yeah, it’s why the Holies of Holies cry aloud, sparing not blessed and holy is he having part in the first resurrection: on whom the second death hath no power, but they shall be priest of God and of Christ, and they shall reign with him a thousand years.” “That little brother was completely astonishing.”

Jeremiah’s Lamentation 4:4-6

-The tongue of the sucking child cleaveth to the roof of his mouth for thirst: the young children ask bread, and no man breaketh it unto them. They that did feed delicately are desolate in the streets: they that were brought up in scarlet embrace dunghills. For the punishment of the iniquity of the daughter of my people is greater than the punishment of the sin of Sodom, that was overthrown as in a moment, and no hands stayed on her.

Prophecy Links

There's something about New York, about New York and a head wound, a violent blow to the head on the map 03/12/2011

There's something about H1N1, bird flu or outbreaks again on the map 03/12/2011

For Salvation Pray:

I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: Selah: How Great Thou Art

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us the Victory

A Ministry Above

Thursday, July 21, 2011


War From Heaven

A Voice Declaring: “Solar Flare,” dangers from the stellar heavens frightfully and continuously on the map 09/18/2010
A Voice Declaring: Nova, the word, person, place or cataclysmic events Nova, a nuclear explosion, the black, scorched earth mightily on the map 10/06/2010

Crystal Skies

Seen to be seeing Satanic and Demonic forms of destroying crystal skies, an astronomical fall of crystal skies remarkably, and frightfully, and continuously on the map 03/18/2010
Stars Wars
I woke up in bed a month or so ago when it was as though there was star war manners of battles going on right outside my window. I asked my husband did he hear it or see anything of course he’d not, I know now it was only a dream of things or days to come, it was very concerning 06/16/2011

When The Comet Shall Past

-I’ve been looking for a catastrophe from the sky every since Holy Spirits worried me through an entire night the year of our Lord 1998 with the two part word, forewarning Ceres Jr. When just recently as a few days ago while searching on Space, there was talk of one of the largest Asteroids by the name of Vesta. This got my attention because in the nineties, when I researched Ceres Jr. I got Vesta, and another large planetary being by the name of Ceres. Though I didn’t get Ceres, I got the two part word Ceres Jr. meaning something in the same class but on a more limited scale. That just a week or so I awaken from sleep with the lyrics ‘O Dear what could the Matter be,’ not knowing of Elenin as yet did I believe it was a forewarning of some foreign space matter.
-As I said I’ve been interested in such things because of words and visions given me and because such impacts are being described by the Apostle John in the book of revelation regarding the seven trumpets. There is also an interesting prophecy of Nostradamus, not only about when the comet will pass, but the West being worried by two rocks, I always took this to mean two planetary beings. Hence while searching about the articles on just a few days ago I look and saw this article about a person named Elenin. Since the article was about archbishops of every order for the first time being summon to Rome I immediately thought it was about a pedophile priest, so I Goggled it and learn it was something about an approaching asteroid. Immediately I think to myself, how this title remind me of this other word of knowledge I got around the same time I got Ceres Jr., 1998 the word Ein.
-Then this morning, that inspiring this post, I was reading articles about the super volcano under Yellowstone park Wyoming, and one click over there was this article about Elenin. I don’t know how many of you read my recent post Silence, illustrated through my book characters, Indian characters I proposed what is being described behind the six seal (rev. 6:12-17) could indeed be a super earthquake. Of course you can’t research super earthquakes without being directed to super volcanoes and you can’t research super volcanoes without being directed to Yellowstone Park Wyoming. This is when this Apostle learn what a nation ending, world altering threat lying or sleeping just under America’s northwest, with the potential to make two thirds of America uninhabitable , again it simply sit, this potential earth-ender, awaiting it’s predestine hour.
-Jesus also describes the hour of his return as being a time in which the heavens above with will explosive with dramatic events. How it is just after the events of the sixth seal the tribulation saints are then seen in heaven, standing before the throne and the Lamb. Those having their robes washed and made white by the blood of the lamb. Although these will me beyond miraculous time, for the unbeliever, unrepentant it’s to be nothing but hence I can’t begin to tell you how very concern I am. How something cataclysmic will happen especially to America, an event causing this disaster of all disasters I’ve for over twenty years now been forewarn of. Though especially since the recent two part word solar flare and just a couple weeks ago the word Nova, and just as soon the two part word Milky Way, these are all warning near earth objects pose a great, nearing threat.

Dr. Mark Sircus, Elenin, Nasa Says, May 20th 2011

-Elenin is presently being tracked as it goes through the asteroid belt on its way into the inner solar system. I am truly sorry to have to be the bearer of such grave and threatening news but the source, NASA, is impeccable. We have an incoming mass (what might possibly be a neutron star) coming in and it will do a hard turn around the sun like any comet would, crossing and coming in between Mercury and Venus before starting its journey back out. On its way out it will cross our bow, meaning it will pass very close to the earth and the earth will pass behind it, plowing into its tail.
-David Morrison, Astrobiology Senior Scientist at NASA, in an official communication on March 1st acknowledged no threat from Elenin. Ten days later Elenin came into alignment with the earth and the sun . . . and Japan was almost destroyed.
This is the real deal though—that alignment did happen as we can clearly see from the NASA simulation. Now we have to live with increasing radiation spreading around the northern hemisphere. We know how easy it is for people in authority to cover up information and lie with a straight face. The Japanese government admitted it kept in secret at least 5000 radiation measurements and assessments after the nuclear event that struck the Fukushima Daiichi NPP in March. This was done in order to not induce panic in the population, a representative of the staff dealing with the nuclear emergency told ITAR-TASS.
-We have to acknowledge and accept that there is a danger and a possibility that part of our civilization and the people in it will be lost. This is not a time to deny anything or a time to hold back the tears. I hope to God I am wrong but the evidence cannot be dismissed casually, though of course it will be. One picture is worth a thousand words and NASA has given us visible proof to suggest Elenin is playing a role in events down here on our planet even from a long distance. It is not a time for fear; rather it is a time for love and cooperation in the context of preparation on all levels for what is to come.
-There is a history to Elenin that has been visible for years but now she is upon us and there is nothing we can do but prepare and pray—and love like we have never loved before. We have to acknowledge and accept that there is a danger and there is a possibility that part of our civilization and the people in it will be lost.
Dr. Mark Sircus, Elenin, Nasa Says, May 20th 2011
Bad News from NASA: Proof That Comet Elenin Is Affecting Earth – Video


-An approaching brown dwarf star answers a lot of questions about what is happening all around us that others simply cannot begin to answer. No one really knows what will happen in the fall of this year as this incoming celestial body gets between us and the sun and then rebounds out again and heading directly into earth’s neighborhood. One person has speculated that it could rip our moon loose. It could hit us if its flight plan is changed by hitting an asteroid in the next few days. That could be possible if it really were a comet, but if it is a neutron star with a large mass, nothing will deflect its ordained path.
If we are lucky, nothing will happen but humanity is not looking or feeling lucky these days.
-What seems likely is what most of the ancient cultures and religions remember—huge floods that pass the world over. The only way the world can have a global flood is if there is some event like an asteroid impact, polar shift, or a very dense object passing close by earth that causes a massive tsunami tide. The gravitational pull would grab the water and pull it over the land on a massive scale, much like the moon does today on a smaller scale in the form of tides.

Safe Zones:

1. Move 150+ miles from the coasts.
2. Move 600 feet above sea level.
3. Move away from volcanoes and super volcanoes like Yellowstone in northwestern USA.
4. Move away from earthquake/seismic/avalanche/fault zones like the New Madrid
Fault Zone in central USA.
5. Move away from dams that will break.
6. Move away from nuclear power plants that could become compromised.
7. Move away from high elevations where radiation levels will be highest.
8. Move away from large population areas where food riots will escalate into chaos and mayhem.
9. Join into survival groups with people of like mind that have survival supplies, gear and guns to protect them. Dr. Mark Sircus

Knowing, Apostle P. A. Bradford

-Is this the fly by comet Nostradamus saw, is it the planetary event the Maya predicted, is it the explosive stellar events that is suppose to proceed the rapture event, unto the second return seven years later of Jesus Christ? As I testified above, the heavenly host has been warning me about Near Earth objects, disasters for the last twenty years, and especially the last few months, weeks and although I’ve been forewarning of such things I can’t believe what I just read. The other week, before I knew anything about Nasa predictions of the Elenin, I had this over-whelming desire to watch earth ending movies, especially Knowing, the movie 2012 make too much mockery of God, and of faith, I have a hard, I just don’t watch it. There’s The Day After, I can view on, there’s Deep Impact, Armageddon, as so Signs, as it’s about this inconceivable, unthinkable invasion.
-I knew something gargantuan was upon us, I didn’t just think it, I knew, I knew because I also know this earth and mankind has entered into the last few years of this dwindling planet. The very one the Christ himself described would past away, both its heaven and it’s earth, this is what the December18th 2010 prediction in Knowing, The Things That Shall Be, was about. It was about an end that was coming especially upon America and the free-world defined in biblical prophecy as Mystery Babylon. I shared with those reading behind me about the Intrepid dream of Christmas 2001, how nations of the world in this dream were weighed and measured and given exactly 15.10 years to bring an end to sin, this year 2011, mark the tenth year, with the anti-Christ reign totaling three and a half years, meaning the time of the peace maker (the free world) only have months to go before it’s complete annihilation.

A Forewarning From Silence, nearlt three months before I knew of Elenin
Silence: Lion Wolf Paw:

-“So Medicine, to answer your question I’ve been this quiet as I’m to wrap both this mind of God, and especially this heart of God around the fact thousands are dead worldwide because of disastrous events that will all pale in comparison to what’s right over the horizon.” “I believe it’s what described by some as an extinction Level Event, even the fulfillment of the sixth seal, but what’s to cause it, and how do you convince people it’s that ominous gnawing at the door, even the windows at this very moment that they just can’t put their finger on.” “All I know is just the reality of it make the exodus out of this country Maasieah has been seeing for the last two decades make more sense. Though will this exodus happen before 15% of this nation or this world’s population is dead, and how do you forewarn them.” “Though you Sioux know this isn’t about warning them, they’ve been warn for ancient of days, it’s about convincing them.” “You already know these people have no reason whatsoever to believe us, any of us, yeah why should they believe our report?” “What if they didn’t have to believe us, what if they simply believe the word of God?” “You Sioux or Maaseiah are not on your own with this prediction, it has been predicted for the last, what?” “Three thousand years more or less, you and Maaseiah are simply trying to convince people the time of fulfillment regarding let’s say the six and seventh seal, through to the seven trumpets and vials is unto fulfillment, right now, as we speak.” “I don’t know Apache, yes Sioux you do, and that is why you’ve been walking around here dead silent, something inconceivably cataclysmic as the destruction of mystery Babylon as recorded in revelation 18th chapter is about to happen as soon as a month from now.” “ Now you are dumbfounded at the very thought not of this staggering death toll but at the thought millions of people are going to be caught in beyond belief snares unnecessarily, that my brother dear is what’s immensely bugging you.” From

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

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There's something continuously about the number of a man 666, the calculation of 666, meaning the man of sin on the map 06/13/2011

Light (righteousness) hath come, but men loved darkness (unrighteousness more than light for their deeds (lifestyles) are evil...JCON See Jn. 3:19

I Beheld the transgressor and was grieved because he kept not thy word Ps. 119:158

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: Sandy Pattie: We Shall Behold Him
Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace And Get Us All The Victory

A Minister Above

Friday, July 15, 2011

Calvary's Cross

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Seen to be spreading salt, that everywhere I'm to step I'm sprinkling salt along this path, the spreading or sprinkling of salt (purification, season) on the map 06/22/2011
Seen to be looking into a fact finding sheet, a voice declaring: "Similar to Wyoming, a proposed state of Wyoming on the map 06/22/2011

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Calvary’s Cross 07/15/2011

One Photo A Month

-My intent in this post Calvary's Cross is to again bring attention to the California Pelican Bay prison/ hunger strike brought to this Apostle's attention just yesterday eve. It is why I made the post entitled One Photo A Month, why I asked for the leaders, even the people involved to have godlike mercy, but before this is possible there has to be godlike forgiveness. I kept imagining how those reading this post, or those being made aware of hundreds of prisoners starving themselves to death to make points of humanity, how this dramatic at the least circumstance is so far away from themselves. How it really doesn't have nothing to do with them, how there were other pressing orders of the day, the month, year, though nothing could be further from the truth as divine revelation bare evidence.
-No, it's not, they are us, these wayward prisoners, and we are them, and this is why Calvary's Cross, the redemption of mankind from the foundation of the world. Just as so, this why it is featured with two guilty men suffering a penalty of death with a dying, most battered Savior right there in the middle. The first thing we’re to think with Jesus Christ in their midst is all isn’t lost, that as long as these two men have breath, therein is immortal life in wait. Each of these two fellows represent this pressing choice of all of mankind, that as our immortal faith cursed to death hang in the unbalance clearly before we succumb thereto what do we or what will we believe? This is the man Jesus, he’d healed the sick, he’d raised the dead, he’d publicized and taught love and forgiveness in ways no man on the earth had.
-This too, he’d promised immortal life with God in heaven to the believer, but now in a way most horrid he perish, it’s true by the first Adam all had been made like these two thieves, (these desperate prisoners) they’d all been made guilty. Upon these two (all mankind) was a punishment of death, but that wasn’t all, not by far, there’s too a punishment of a second death, a second death without end. Truly here being put to death so horridly great was the mystery of godliness, that Jesus the man was here God manifested in the flesh, justified (testified) in the (Holy) Spirit. That he’d been seen of (visited of) Angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory. Although there was at this present hour no beauty to behold him, this suffering savior He, Jesus had and would in only days to come fulfill every ounce of biblical scripture regarding this world’s sacrificial redeemer.
-Thus this one young hostage of the law, of execution made a choice, over the alternate, rebellious one being put to death he chose to believe, despite the fact they’d wounded him. Despite the fact they’d horridly abused, and deeply marred him, wasn’t it all according to biblical scripture, hadn’t the prophet Isaiah for five hundred years now prophesied that the world’s redeemer would die for the peace and redemption of all mankind in this very way? That he would be wounded for this world’s transgression, bruised for their iniquity, how the chastisement of mankind’s peace and safety would be upon him and by his stripes mankind is therein healed (reconciled). Did this young malefactor turn beggar want to be healed from the capital punishment of every man’s birth upon destination? That herein he sought of the very one who was suffering a similar faith but not for himself, but that through his pure blood sacrifice we, mankind, the believer would or could be redeemed, (made the righteousness (Human Being, merciful forgiveness) through Him.
-What are we doing? Un forgiveness and mercilessness were never the traits of human kind, rather by the sin nature, and blood guiltiness that’s to follow would mankind practice these cunning craftiness of Satan. This is what Jesus was describing of the dark, heartless, hence human-less religious leaders of his day, how since they carried themselves as lying murderers, then they were like this sinful world’s father. That they were as this lying slaughterer Jesus described as being one who was a murderer (Adam, Eve, Cain, Able) from the beginning, who abode not in the truth. How having his identical godless traits, He, this defiant one, this lying, murdering saboteur was the one they actually without further debate worshipped. It’s the one all mankind serve, honor and obey except they like this soon to be redeemed thief, calling and recognizing this suffering, dying for mankind’s sin redeemer, LORD, except they believe, they’re all faith from the womb satanic, heartless brutes.
-The truth is the mast majority of this world’s populace is worse off than these two perishing (from the womb) on Calvary’s cross, or the starving for humanity sake prisoners of Pelican Bay. No the vast majority of mankind are like the unbelieving thief, or the rebellious, religious leaders, they refuse to relent of their stance, of their odious, even barbaric beliefs, heart, they herein chance their immortal souls to hell’s fire. Then you ask for what? A curse of death, that is ever prevalent, ever vigilant on every hand, a fulfillment of biblical prophecy that has been faultless and even beyond flawless with evidence? Indeed as the Christ himself inquired, what shall it profit you, cursed mankind if you gain the world, if you’re this pillow of society, this genus, this super-politician/Judge regardless you past from death to death immortal? Wherein shall you LIVE?

Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years Rev 20:6 See also Matthew 5th chapter

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

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There’s something about a Volcanic Disaster, A Voice Declaring: “Similar To Wyoming, mightier than us all natural disasters continuously on the map 06/22/2011
Seen to be seeing someone get a shot, a needle a to the head, strange formations, even vaccines on the map 06/22/2011
Seen to be seeing Israel look to, upon for a promise of troops made to the Obama Administration, marching onward to war mightily on the map 06/22/2011

Light (righteousness) hath come, but men loved darkness (unrighteousness more than light for their deeds (lifestyles) are evil...JCON See Jn. 3:19

I Beheld the transgressor and was grieved because he kept not thy word Ps. 119:158

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: Selah: Unredeemed

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us the Victory

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Photo A Month

A Photo Once A Month

There’s something about a Volcanic Disaster, A Voice Declaring: “Similar To Wyoming, mightier than us all natural disasters continuously on the map 06/22/2011
Seen to be seeing someone get a shot, a needle a to the head, strange formations, even vaccines on the map 06/22/2011
Seen to be seeing Israel look to, upon for a promise of troops made to the Obama Administration, marching onward to war mightily on the map 06/22/2011

For The Love Of God, Of Mercy 07/14/2011

-The last time I, Apostle Bradford commented on a prison issue, California no less, it was a prison inmate by the name of Tookie Williams. Many were trying to get him a stay of execution, it was now all in the Governor's hand, and of course this execution was a go. I, this Apostle of Jesus Christ responded to this refusal by a post entitled, Tookie Williams, Let It Snow! It was right before California then suffered the greatest freeze concerning their crops ever, one whereas they suffered a billion dollar lost. The question is then asked, did I know this would happen, is this why I told Tooki Williams not to fret, but to let it snow? No, but apparently they reaped a great inhumanity to man sown because they sort harm over mercy and grace.
-I was searching around only a few moments ago whereas I ran across this article, prisoners of Pelican Bay on hunger strikes, most near death. My granddaughter Latesia stood over me wondering why I had such a display of mouth gaping awe on my face once I read the inhuman practices of this prison facility. She of course wasn't surprised, she'd watched an episode of Law and Order recently that was about this very thing. Though I responded, they have prisons like that, in America, a virtual lock them up and throw away the key actuality?
-I believe that great freeze to California crops happen after this end-time apostle predicted such was the Supreme’s way of showing His people how He does indeed see us, how He isn't at all ascended from the earth. This is what this Supreme Father who is longsuffering toward mankind not willing that any perish. This is what He explained to the prophet Ezekiel was the problem with Judah of Ezekiel’s day, ‘they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth.
-Though by His blessed Holy Spirit He is ever present, especially wherever there is this continuing cry of suffering mankind beckoning and petitioning His merciful throne, “FOR HE SO LOVED THE WORLD”. This is why the smoke from the burning church I saw in the late nineties rose up to God weeping and morning. This is way another angel is pictured in heaven behind the seven angels (seals), standing at the alter of God, given much incense , that he may offer it with the prayers (the cries, mourns and petitions) of all the saints upon the golden alter.
-It is all a remarkable divine imagery of how a seriousness beyond description is taken toward the cries of mankind flowing on this constant ring of fire and smoke unto God sore weeping and mourning. Before He judged and destroyed Noah’s earth, it was about the cries of the wounded, before he saved Israel from Egypt it was about the many years he’d heard their cries. Just as so before he mightily judged Sodom and Gomorrah it was about the cries of the wounded, of those hurt and marred and abused so. When the six slaughterers of Ezekiel’s day were sent out into the very sanctuaries of God, directed to have no mercy, there was one with an inkhorn. He was commissioned by God to arrive prior to the slaughterers that he was to mark for life those longsuffering like the Supreme Father, weeping and mourning over all of the abominations of the transgressors.
-Just before He in only an hour destroy this vast powerful world as we know it, the fall of Mystery Babylon it to will be about all the cries, mourn and miseries that has risen unto God’s Mercy seat days without number. That while mankind are yet sinners, lawbreakers Christ died for you, for them, for us, we act as though it would be a sin if we forgive even as we desire to be forgiven. Have mercy upon these men, even these women, these mothers and friends restore unto them humanity once again, if we’re to reap righteousness, first righteousness has to be sown. Jesus Christ suffered and died for this cause, so you won’t be at it alone, that all may repent, all may find his way home, home is where the heart is, the heart is that we treasure, it’s plainly and without controversy how all our acts are measured.

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

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The Rise Of The Anti-Christ
-Seen To Be Seeing In Large Print, the world SIN, as so the number 666, as just recently I saw a puzzle image of 666 as it felt as though it was being burrowed agonizingly into my skull 05/13/2010 (see man of sin mark of the beast, II Thess. 2nd Chapter. Rev. 13:11-18)
-Seen to be seeing celebrating in our streets a mighty, marching cover or banner of red, our streets being made red all the more on the map 05/20/2010 (see second seal)
-Seen to be seeing a finger write the last letters of the name Michael, a hand writing AEL, of the name Michael (see Gods army, commander, the archangel Michael)
-Seen to be receiving a mark on my hand, getting marked on the hand, like the mark of the beast frightfully on the map 05/20/2010
-There's something about bomb threats, explosions and being taken captive, something about using a lengthy strand of hair to measure all the death, dying and gore 05/19/2010 (see Rev. 14:17-20, God's wrath, six feet, see unprecedented tribulation).

Light (righteousness) hath come, but men loved darkness (unrighteousness more than light for their deeds (lifestyles) are evil...JCON See Jn. 3:19

I Beheld the transgressor and was grieved because he kept not thy word Ps. 119:158

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: Selah: Unredeemed

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us the Victory

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Climbing Up To The Roof

-Seen to be seeing an Angel with a pitcher in hand pouring water on especially the eastern part of the nation or the map. There seem to be unthinkable manners of natural disasters, of water logged lives, properties on the map 02/13/2008
-A Voice Declaring: "We Will Build An Ark," there's something about America, about mankind being brought to the brink of extinction where millions will perish on the map 10/15/2008 (see Revelation, Armageddon.
-Seen to be seeing rushed drivers risking their lives, their children lives by perilous flood waters up to eight, even ten feet or more 11/05/2009
-Seen to be climbing up and staying on roof tops to escape explosive flood waters 10/26/2009
-Theres something about having a memorial party, celebration of the dead strangely on the map 03/08/2010
-A Voice Declaring: Climb Up To The Roof Top, you got four hours, another, more strange matter of getting to the rooftop, of climbing up to safety on the map 03/06/2010
There’s something about Jennifer Hudson, and owing her 69 dollars, (see God’s judgment, blood guiltiness) my 69th prophecy link is about massive flooding, massive flooding again on the map 01/03/2011
-Seen to be standing in my basement, seen to be standing in chest high flood waters, massive forms of flooding, of storms, of lost of life mightily on the map 12/28/2010

Nobody Does It Like You

I included this commerical jingle in a post a few days passed, it was playing relentlessly in my head, just like Sam Cooke single 'She was only Sixteen,' I guess we now know what this urgency was about, and a voice declaring, "a prayer for teens. After reseaching this jingle, Nobody does it like you, I got Hoover, this will possibly link to the Hoover Dam, or president Hoover, even the forewarning, of my cousin Hoover, whose number one phrase was "don't you be no fool' other words God's end-time prophecies, and thus wrath rule over mankind, forever and a day, beware...repent!

Except Ye Repent!

-I remember the first of the year when I first gave this Jennifer Hudson prophecy link, many of you were confused about what it all meant. I immediately explained how the last time I was given a prophecy link about Jennifer Hudson, about infidelity in family members, as so about monster storms in especially Colorado, it was a week or so before three members of her family, her mother, brother and nephew was killed by an ex-brother-in--law, and just before monster storms tore through parts of Colorado.
-I then explained, as you see the first of this year how this additional dream meant more of the same would happen,. Possibly not so much to her, how she simply represented America, probably a rising star, that the number 69. This owing part was related more to the prophet Daniel 70 weeks of years, 69 of what's been spent, the
70th week now pending, mean mankind unrepentant owe God unthinkable trials and tribulations to be enacted against them, even their loved ones. That the name Hudson probably meant something about rivers, even about flooding would soon be in the media.
-Although unrepentance is another example of mankind's hatred for God that causes them to throw their humanity back at Him by becoming perverse, lying, murdering, saboteurs warranting an out pour of HIS wrath incomprehensible. It's God's way of displaying how not only is He not blind and death to mankind abominations indescribable, that neither is he ascended from or away from their everyday atrocities of life. That He is so nigh His single mankind that there isn’t a move they're to make, or consider, or even think, that he doesn’t already know about and is to bring judgment forthwith. Simply, Obey God, learn of Him (Jesus Christ), this single blood atonement (Jesus Christ), repent, (reconcile), or continually He will come upon you and yours and you will not know the hour He’s to come, only that you’re dead for all eternity, that hell is now your new home.

The Living Word

-For they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth…God, Ezekiel 8:12b

-‘O Lord though hast searched me and known me, though knowest my down sitting and my uprising, thou understandest my thoughts afar off, thou compasseth my path and my laying down and are acquainted with all my ways. For there is not a word in my tongue O Lord but thou knowest it all together, thou hast beset me behind and before and laid thine hand upon me, such knowledge is too wonderful for me, it is high, I cannot attain unto it. Whether shall I go from thy spirit (Jesus Christ, blood atonement), whether shall I flee from thy presence, (carnality) if I ascend into heaven, thou art there, if I shall make my bed in hell, behold thou art there…Psalm 139:1-8…The Repentant At Heart, Mind and Soul

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Missouri Flooding

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: Selah: Depth Of Mercy

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us the Victory

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayer For Teens

A Voice Declaring: “Big JUNE!” the rise of the anti-Christ, unto the first resurrection saints on the map 05/02/2011 (see 1970, Elvis Presley, invasions on American soil)
There's something about my 24th prophecy link, my 24th prophecy link 2001 is a voice declaring: Islam; venerated (adored) as Holy, the rise of Islam mightily on the map 05/03/2011

Prayer For Teens 06/05/2011

And That, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now is our salvation nearer than when we first believed. The Night is far spent, the day is at hand; let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light. Let us walk honestly, as in the day, not in rioting, and drunkenness, not in chambering (assembly) and wantonness (covetousness), not in STRIFE or ENVYING. But put ye on the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and make not provisions (excuses) for the flesh, to fulfill the lust therefore. Romans 13:11-14

-In the early eighties as I was kneeling in my closet praying, I was most concern about the carnal spirit that was beginning to rise up in my children causing this Apostle much concern. I’d entered into prayer this particular morning for this reason when just as soon the Holy Spirit began ministries to me, he began speaking to me. If only God’s people who frequent religious assembly had ministers rooted in grounded not only in God’s righteousness but in his Holy Spirit, that they’re then be lead by the Holy and thereon the Holy of Holies.
-The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said as long as we allow entertainment violent, vulgar, mind and thus heart altering, spirit and soul it will be like putting a gun to our children head and pulling the trigger. I never thought about this before but the Holy Spirit was describing what is portrayed today as murder suicide, not only would we the born-again leader compromise our faith, but the faith of our entire house, and we know very well if it isn’t life (Jesus Christ) then it’s death and Judgment (the way of this world).
-It wasn’t so much evident to me then, young in my faith, but the Holy Spirit painted a very vivid picture of what the youth of America is today, it was the Holiness of the Lord Father, Christ Jesus or it was again death, and that following forthwith judgment, the second death. Immediately as I began to share this with you I was reminded of the Apostle’s John teaching how he in this teaching made a clear distinction between the children of God and the children of the Devil, all with Jesus crying aloud, sparing not to the sorely wicked religious leaders of his day, ye are of your father the devil and the lust of him ye will do, he was a murderer from the beginning and he aboard not in the truth. I don’t think Gabriel we like to say it much although we need to, although we must, how mankind is either by Christ Jesus cross the children of the Supreme Creator/Savior/Father or they’re by rejecting this Christ lord unto their own forms, doctrines and religions the children of Satan, (the Devil).
-It is here when you compare what Holy Spirits explained to me in the early eighties to a technical world that’s now a million time it’s size what they told me then here at present-day is that even more profoundly inconceivable having crept into every form of technology readily available to mankind, so personally so, especially the children, is this the man all the more cursed. That great technology has been nothing to the rebellious of Christ’s cross but an even greater, even momentous and thus deadlier performance of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Just as so as unrepentant mankind is completely oblivious, even unaware of seeming technical and scientific advancement which are gravely and constantly without natural affections, empathy, even sympathy. It is that not only dehumanizing mankind but de-spiritualizing them where idolatry, heathenism and even atheism abound, as so every evil work. Herein like it or not these are the unholy spirits frequenting not only education centers, entertainment vast, far and wide, but religious centers.
-I asked my granddaughter who is dedicated to church attendance, I asked her a biblical question recently, and she responded grand-mar, I’m a child, I’m not suppose to know that answer. Although if I asked her or presented something regarding her social studying far beyond her years she would know it, as she’s exceptionally smart for her age. It’s kind of like handing out all manner of birth control methods to our children, and placing in front of their sorely impregnable intellect, even the nature of sin the concept of early dating and promiscuous sex (see Disney, Teen Nick, Nick Jr.) but telling them the practice of abstinence, even marriage is just not a reality.
-A prayer for the teen, this is what I heard a voice say in my ear only a couple nights ago, it’s why I wrote this letter, this is even Jesus crying aloud, sparing not, suffer the little children and bring them to me, just as so “and I will kill her children with death.” Though all of this come back to us, to leaders spiritual, full of the Holy Spirit having mortified the deeds of the flesh, again having mortified the deeds of the flesh. Of course there is only one way to mortify the deeds of the flesh, something man on his own is incapable of as mankind must first be born again, Jesus the Christ said of water and of Spirit. That except man be born-again he shall not see, or enter into the kingdom of God, this is where we’ve fallen away leading those followers likewise. It’s like Jesus looking at all the religious leaders coming to him by night and I’m talking some leaders having followers far and wide by the hundreds of thousands. Some even by the millions if you count the air way and internet, though by a grace of God alone realizing they’ve lost their way.
-How they’ve strayed far along the broad way would Jesus tell them, these giant, supposedly righteous pillars of the community as he told Nicodemus, you must be born again? Now imagined this if you will and ask yourself with all honesty, what kind of leader do you have, and if he sincerely came inquiring of Jesus what would Jesus tell him? Would Jesus knowing his unfaithfulness tell him to be born again, or would he declare, come ye my faithful servant and enter ye into the Kingdom of God? I can hear the Holy Father crying aloud, sparing not to the prophet Isaiah, my people perish and no man layeth to heart, merciful men are lost as though none consider the righteous are taken out of the evil to come. Something similar was portrayed to me a little over ten years beyond the 1987, 88, forewarning, something just as pressing but even more dramatic, I had again entered into my closet to pray. I was kneeling there, praying there when just as soon I took notice of something I didn’t even know I had the ability to notice.
-Though it wasn’t my detectors but those of Holy Spirits, whereas the heavens had in present been very open to me, very verbal and welcoming, social I began to realize instead there was this stillness. How there was this calm, there was brother Gabriel this silence, this non-responsiveness and not before long I began to both hear and see God was crying. That he was sobbing uncontrollably, when I began to see, to perceive, to be just as consumed wholeheartedly he was crying, I too began to cry, I too began to sob. Then just as soon I heard him say “my people are dying, dying and they’re being stripped of everything my Christ has brought them, again, “my people are dying, dying and they’re being stripped of everything my Christ has brought them,” “behold I will strip their leaders and leave them as in the day they were born.” Then like a panorama before my weeping eyes I began to see the fivefold ministering gifts of Ephesians the fourth chapter spread before my eyes, displaying to me just what it was his people were being stripped of.
-Evidently, spiritual growth, maturity and benevolence edifying the church body in love and into the abundance of peace, that they henceforth be no more children tossed. I conceived immediately how this inconceivable visitation of heaven had everything to do with the prophet Isaiah’s testimony of God crying how his people perish and none being so preoccupied either with themselves or this world, again none took it to heart. Though it would be some time later before I made any comparisons between this stillness I experienced in heaven, verses the Apostle John and now I realize rightly so.
-John stillness related to God’s dealing with a long anticipated judgment was due the world of disobedience and iniquity, while mine was focus basically around the working of the church body itself, how the church body itself was falling from grace worshipping or believing another all of which had and would continue to warrant the very cataclysmic judgment John’s silence was now associated with. They were all of them being deceived, but they were all of them without excuse, because an Holy one of Israel had come and sacrificed his Only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him (believe unto salvation and sanctification (rebirth) would no longer perish, be condemned to hell fire, but would instead have the light of Life (immortality).
-Most of us don’t know and this is where mankind is most deceived, even deceiving himself, most don’t know how extremely vulnerable the heart, mind and soul is to deception, to the cunning craftiness and wicked devices of this world. I know Gabriel this isn’t anything new, it’s Kevin Trudeau making claims of nature cures which is nothing less than the garden of Eden, not realizing or accepting the garden of Eden is what give place to the second Adam, the second Adam, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, the blood of the Lamb of God, the lamb’s blood eternity with God, eternity with God the tree of life, whose very leaves are for the healing of the nations.
-Mankind without this Lamb’s blood is cursed, everything he is, or destined to be, everything he believe, even everything he touch is cursed, and that cursed is that simultaneously inherited of his offspring all the living long day, decade upon decade, generation upon generation, century upon century with one blessed hope this Christ Lord crying aloud, Father, thy kingdom come, father, thy will be down, on earth as it is in heaven. Plainly, you have all these type of people who do everything they can to defy God, not realizing the very foundation, this planet earth is itself, within itself, it’s very inhabitants is all fashioned upon Holy Ground that will only obey one Master Creator having become flesh and dwelling among us, Jesus the Christ Lord repent ye.
-The word of God describe the supreme father as one long suffering toward us-ward not willing that any perish, that this is possibly the handout of divinity to especially the United States that was given when America on September 11th 2001 was to easily fall into the hands of her enemy and be therein destroyed. Though this handout would only last an additional 190 months from the end of December of this identical year, that all of the free-world were to bring an end to sin (Christ Jesus Christ cross) and anoint the most holy, (God’s Kingdom coming), with 42 of these months belonging to the rise and fall of the end-time man of sin, the anti-Christ, with what at present is being described as a Big June (the great gathering of saints). Of course there is Gabriel no way I should be surprised at this word of knowledge incurring a prayer for teens, just as I’ve had visions and dreams about many things, I’ve especially had them about a dangers surrounding children, especially teens.
-I had this dream some years back, in the dream graduating tassels were being used as toe tags for the dead. It wasn’t long after this did it become known how automobile accidents was fastly becoming the number one killer of teens, that they were perishing by the hundreds a month. Clearly something they trusted as their friend, as a part of their development and maturity had fastly become their detriment, as most of this present world is. It’s as though they’re all on most trusted, tried and true Ferris wheels and although they feel deeply there’s something to fear society would never have them be forewarn this way. No, dare-devils do they on a relentless basis put themselves in arms way defenseless heart, mind and soul by the hundreds annually unnecessarily they perish trusting or given themselves over to at risk schemes with purpose to in danger not only their lives, but their souls.
-I can’t say I’d not considered it before, though was this the Holy Spirit way of forewarning this end –time apostle 1987, 88 how her child’s generation and beyond would be the end-time generation fulfilling forewarnings through the Apostle Paul to his son in the faith Timothy II book, 1-9th verse, how in the last days perilous times would come. I know this to be true for the generation following his, now represented by my oldest granddaughter, for lack of a better description they’re simply lost, they’re like the modern-day technology and technical devices they worship with all their heart, mind and soul. As described to Timothy, of these last, final days, they are, our children are covetous, boasters, disobedient to parents, (all guardians) unthankful, unholy, without natural affection. They are all in America having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof, as I described, they’re perilously and even frightfully misplaced. Henceforth there is only prayer that can be prayed for the teen, repentance, salvation and reconciliation to mankind first love that ever truly love him, Jesus The Christ unto the Supreme God in heaven.

That Thy Be Found Worthy

-I looked into a dream some years back, in this dream I was caring for this child, I loved and adored and again immensely cherished this child when the Holy Spirit spoke to me to inquire, “why are you caring for this child, it’s suppose to be dead.” It was then I began to see, I began to see in ways I’d not before and what I saw was another, older version of this same child that was being made weak, that being made less, that was dying as I all the more I cared for this precious, precious child that was suppose to be dead. Clearly as long as I allowed what seem to be this delicate treasure to prevent me from completely giving myself over to this newness of life, and Holy Spirit, there was no way the Christ in me could manifest itself inside of me, my very soul and grow. Of course this is Jesus giving his first direction to those coming after him for to serve as he is, how they’re to first deny themselves, the one thing that would frustrate and prevent them the more, self and self seeking. Although grace abounds unless we completely surrender our souls, and thus ourselves unto it or therein we will never, ever be the sons this Supreme Father so purpose of us.
-Remarkably if only all men, the male and female who’re standing in front of God’s people preachers and preaching, if they truly understood what the Holy Spirit is teaching us here. How any friend of self and self seeking, how any friend of the world and the things of the world isn’t only an enemy of God but of his people. Henceforth, when we serve self (sin) we are more so our own enemy, than anything else in this world, we must mortify the deeds of the flesh. I know with man this is impossible, but God hath made this Christ Lord Jesus sin, who knew no sin that by this blessed Lord we too can become the righteousness of God. This is going to take a laying down of ourselves, self, you see people is the failure, we must surrender the sin nature self is that we may immerge a newness of Holy Spirit, truth and grace. Clearly if this was on our on possible then this blessed savior hath not come, thou dying in trespass and sins, even from the womb except we reconcile this dead man unto immortal life nothing on this earth would’ve profit us anything, it has all come, or it exist all of it for to steal, kill and destroy not only. primarily the flesh, Satan want what you flesh house, and that is your immortal soul.
-I was reading in Roman’s the sixth chapter, around the sixth verse crying aloud, knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin (the baby) might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin. How it was right there, right there in the midst of the scripture it took on a word of knowledge that written in red letters which plainly said, man cannot do this, this is not possible for man to do, only the Holy Spirit can do this. I sat there paused momentarily thinking ok, if man can’t do this, if only the Holy Spirit can do this, then is mankind yet condemned.
-Though what the Holy Spirit meant was only is mankind die, meaning all the more if he surrender himself to spirituality, then all the more he become not only a spirit but a holy spirit. This is what Paul meant when he taught the righteousness of God wasn’t of works, this is what the Christ Lord meant prior when he taught God was searching after those worshipping him in Spirit and truth, it’s the overall truth of Holy Spirit designing our mortal frames into the temple of God, why? Because flesh and blood, only Holy Spirits can enter into the Kingdom of God. What his mean is and sadly it’s to be true is the mass majority of what we realize as organize Christianity is totally and completely worthless as God seek to have a personal, individual relationship with each and everyone of us. The supposedly assembly of the righteous isn’t that finding and uniting God’s people its that all the corrupting, deceiving and separating God’s people. Riddle this apostle this, if Christ’s cross primary goal is to make you a temple of God, what then does Christ’s cross need to make you the temple of God?
-First he would need your repentance and salvation, second, he would need your complete surrender, come Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit and take me, make the kind of person you would want me to be. Thirdly you would need the written word of God from genesis to revelation, fourth, you would need a teacher, you would need a place of prayer and praise, (a closet) as this is second to studying, growing and knowing the word. All things I just put before you have all been accomplished by the ministring, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of the Christ Lord Jesus, and just as phenomenal, the descension of the Holy Spirit to befriend us, to comfort us and especially lead us into all truth. This is what, this is the day Jesus was telling the woman of Samaria was coming, all with purpose to move, uproot for all eternity organize Christianity, (Mystery Babylon) the very seat bed of Satan’s seat out of the way. This would happen by simply tearing down the middle wall of partition, plainly religion, his mankind's time as the schoolmaster expired, now a letter that killed more so than give life, having as it’s doctrine the tradition of men and doctrines of devils.
-Clearly why would Jesus Christ having been born under the law, to redeem mankind who was condemned by the law, give the working of this righteousness again to those who can only function not by spirit but by self and self satisfaction (the law), the law of sin, condemnation and thus denomination. Just pause momentarily and consider how the majority of the church isn’t boasting over with people serving God according to HIS form of righteousness, Christ bloody cross, but by works are they saved, it’s not God’s grace that is their reconciling hope and immortality, but manmade organizations, institutions and association, so much so Christ’s cross is all the more becoming their enemy. All as it’s found to be that dividing the people instead of uniting them, their not realizing Christ's cross is about redemption of sin, not gaining and regaining the beggarly elements of this world he suffered and died to set us free from, Church assembly is basically tithes, offerings, choirs and other church functions, man instead having a lineage of sin unto a sin nature, is he that fallen short of the glory of God, repent ye!
-This is the frightful dilemma Christ appearing in the midst of the church, or religious assembly in his day presented, this is what terrified these supposedly godly leaders so. That God the Son, Father and Holy spirit would lead them all away to true righteousness, to the holiness of the lord and sanctification of divine spirits, that they would for themselves know the Lord Father, and this Lord father by a truth more of a threat to organize religion itself than the black plague, would heal their souls, their dwindling spirits and instead make them free unto an indescribable, rapturous jubilee.
-Yours is a closet righteousness, many leaders wouldn’t like me telling you this but it’s true, when the word of God describe how all that’s in the world is the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life, which isn’t of God but of the world. This is as well all that’s in the churches, that wherever God’s people are assembled together there jealousy, envy, strife and every evil work, the prophet Ezekiel saw the spirit of jealousy waiting right at the door as the people entered in. The Christ Lord found himself outside the church building , even Satan’s seat, knocking with purpose to come get in, that if any man would dead open the door instead to this holy Lord he would come in to them and sup with them and they with him.
-This summoning of this Holy Lord represent His desiring a personal relationship with the believer when most religious leaders want you to believe you can’t get to this Christ Lord except by them, by churches, congregations and preachers preaching, by lives, lands and again churches. When this is the Jesus that made an open mockery of all these carnal things, nailing their possessive and oppressive power over the people to his cross, no this is the church world that has not learn God’s Christ, Jesus, mankind must die (surrender all) forfeiting self, and self seeking in order to be made the righteous spirit of God, there is no other way. For a long as the flesh thrive, the less the Holy Spirit enjoining with your spirit, that you’re to even be made the temple of God can be made alive. This divine truth is what the Apostle Paul is explaining in the 8th chapter of Roman’s 1-17th verse, for those who live according to the flesh, set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those of the spirit, things of the spirits.
-You have no reason to come to Jesus Christ unless you’re willing to make this ultimate sacrifice, there can’t be this divine transformation unless you’re ready and willing to surrender All. All though the church is far from this reality this is as Jesus forewarn, unless you’re willing to die, pick up your reconciling cross and follow him, minister, sacrifice accordingly, it’s not possible that you’re to be his disciple. Again it’s a form of dying to self-seeking that the Holy Spirit may come alive anointing our flesh unto the renewing of our mind, and spirit transforming us into a holiness of the Lord Christ Jesus. Ye must be saved yes, but most of all ye must be born again, surrendering your body as a living sacrifice, holy (redeemed by Christ blood) and acceptable unto the Lord (Father God), being not conformed to this world, eg. being not conformed to this world, eg. being not conformed to this world (self, sin), but being transformed by the renewing (the surrender) of the entirety of your members to the Holy Spirit.
-Only as you’re willing to lay down your life, you see that’s what I did that completely changed my life, I laid it all on the line, so the Holies of Holy could then take it up and shaped me heart, mind, blood and soul in a holiness of the Lord Supreme, but only as I laid it down never to pick it up again, never. It’s as though you’re being turn inside out all for the better, the phenomena, when you was lost now you’re found, when you was condemned now you’re redeemed. When you was blind, now with revelation clarity you see, when you was once a deaf, mute (unwise), now you have a clarity unfounded, even the wisdom of Gods. When you heart was once harden, and self-centered, now you’re a flowing stream of benevolence and abundance of spirit. When you was flesh and serving as a form of life and living a letter that killed, one whose very nature is to maim, seek out and destroy life, now you’re Holy spirit and fellow heir with Christ’s Jesus to God’s immortal throne without end, truly how vast and wide does the crystal stream go?

The Apostle Peter would say but ye [are] a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now hath obtained mercy, how amazing the grace of God, truly.

-Being admonished to exact a prayer for teens simply mean the Holies of Holy want all teens saved, wanting them to return to sound doctrine, he want them redeemed by the blood of the lamb. He, the Supreme Heavenly Host want all of them at present to commit a Meshuallm Kedesh, reconcile, be holy. They may ask what do they have to do with God or God with them, and then this apostle is to say everything, the nation you live in, the earth you live on. The heavens you adore just above, the entire abyss beneath, and entire universe again above, is all His, all, and very soon, a few days from now, a few weeks from now this Supreme Father. This holiness of the great near and beyond is going to do something even more cataclysmic than anything done before that will prove once and for all how He is the God of all God’s. As so how no man can come unto Him except by Jesus Christ bloody, redemptive cross, that this is the only blood sacrifice God will not despise. This end time Apostle isn’t telling you what the ancient Maya said, or Mr. Nostradamus, nor the Hopi Indian or even the ancient Egyptians, I’m telling you what the heavenly host come down from heaven to me for twenty-five years, but especially the last ten years, have shown me.
-You see the last two generations are the two deemed by Satanic, Demonic and thus Religious rule as those least likely to worship God above themselves, least likely to escape the great tribulation to come and thus least likely to reign with God’s new Kingdom to come. That of all the generations come and passed, though the last two have been the most innovative and technical than them all, being de-valued by it all, as so dehumanized they are the most abominable and idolatrous of them all. When mankind is without natural affection, loving himself more than God he then become his own god, where there remain one way that God can then prove he alone is God, that every knee shall bow, mouth should confess accordingly and that is cataclysms. It’s by allowing what’s to happen to so many planets in the galaxy to just as well happen to planet earth, millions of people are going to die but millions for all eternity will by repenting to Christ’s cross be made alive. As a matter of biblical prophecy John the revelator saw them as a number that could not be numbered, coming out of great tribulation, having their robes washed and made white by the blood of the lamb.
-Remember you’re deemed as the generation less likely and none of the wicked devices brought to pass by a knowledge unthinkable, seeming good, old fashion entertainment is going to be of any refuge. The Supreme isn’t mocked, you’re either by Christ’s cross the children of God, or by rejecting Christ (unrepentance) you’re children of the devil, anything in between is a curse of death, judgment and damnation, repent ye for the fullness of all prophetic timetables is upon this mankind at present, truly youngest of people, an end hath come. Herein without controversy we have to look at Jesus forewarning of the whore of religion Jezebel, a biblical manner of sleeping and conspiring with the enemy. One whose teachings, so much like all social and religious networking at present so encourages God's people along the line of sexual promiscuity. A demonic lesson so paramount, Jesus forewarn to cast her into a bed; great crippling sorrows, as so those in bed with her, (in agreement), in fornication with her, into great tribulation, that, and this is where the prayer for teen come in. How he’s to kill her children, this evil networking venomous progeny with death, again the divine one way of snuffing out the plague of abomination they’ve become.
-This pending judgment isn’t anything new as the Supreme Father will clean the earth and mankind of the filthiness of the flesh, of all wickedness, Satanic, Demonic and rebellious mankind sacrificing human lives by the millions. Which is why I say, God have mercy that we’re to raise children and grandchildren in the midst of unthinkable forms of Satanic and demonic gender tampering. Of legalized homosexuality, lesbianism, or escalating fornication as an entire. That because of unrepentance the flood gates are all the more open, drowning children in a cesspool of sexual perversion unfathomable, with the Supreme Heavenly Host hearing their cries making ready to strike. These are the same cries urging him to react from Moses, to Abraham, to the Apostle John declaring how he’s to hear a loud voice, “and I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.
-Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come….Truly as you stand and sit before various leaders of every walk of life, and they espounding rather remarkably all their mighty plan for this nation and this earth.
-I can hear the Christ Lord Jesus crying aloud how this heaven and earth is going to pass away, how like the people in Noah’s day, they’ll be so busy living and giving into living they won’t even know what has happen until Cataclysis come and take them all away. Although those who’re in this Christ Lord, watchful, prayerful and faithful, like Noah’s house they’re without reason to be taken so unaware as they’ve been forewarn and thus made ready. Truly every time this Apostle lay words and forewarnings to paper it is with purpose that you the reader is also made all the more ready. God’s Kingdom will come, God’s will for this earth and mankind is being done, but prior to this the church bride will be bidden to the marriage supper of the Lamb, Jesus, whose divine invitation is readily upon us, beware.

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That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

What shall it prophet man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul, or what shall man give in exchange for his soul? JCON…

Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of person ought ye to be, in all holy conversation and godliness. Looking to and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat… Peter, The Apostle

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Light (righteousness) hath come, but men loved darkness (unrighteousness more than light for their deeds (lifestyles) are evil...JCON See Jn. 3:19

I Beheld the transgressor and was grieved because he kept not thy word Ps. 119:158

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

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